Anti-Bandit Glass 

is a laminated glass made up of two annealed glass sheets bonded together by the interlayer, and is tested to EN356.

 It is a security glass designed to resist manual attack and to delay access to a protected space for a short period of time. 

Anti-Bandit Glass usually serve as an integral part of secured buildings, especially for the windows on the ground levels. 

The increased effort and time required to develop an opening in the laminate serves to dissuade and thwart would-be intruders or burglars. 

According to EN356 standard, there are 7 categories : P1A,P2A,P3A,P4A,P5A | P6B,P7B,P8B.

South Star glass gets  the certificates of the anti-bandit glass which can be met the P5A  P6B  P7B of the category.

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